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NG Tubes



Parent Tips

The length of the ng-tube should be from the tip of the nose, to the ear, to the middle of the ribcage just below the sternum.  This length will assure that you're placing the ng-tube directly into the stomach.  Once placed, check residuals by drawing up into a small syringe, the stomach contents will be yellow, if the contents of the syringe look green, you need to pull out the ng-tube and re-measure.  Green contents mean you're in the duodenum, and not the stomach.  When residuals are yellow, you know you're in the stomach and you can secure the ng-tube to the child's face.  Depending on the child, securing the ng-tube may vary.  In our case, we needed to place Duo-derm from under the nose to the back of the ear.  Then we would place the Tega Derm over the tube completely covering the Duo-derm. 

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