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PRS Equipment

Arm Restraints

Pedi-wraps are arm restraints used for children following cleft palate repair so the child doesn't put anything in their mouth.

Snuggle Wraps are also arm restraints used for children following palate repair.

*Note: Please discuss the use of restraints with your child's plastic surgeon. Some hospitals furnish restraints, you might want to see what type they are. Some doctors do not require the child to wear them post op. We wanted to show the alternative restraints which most of our parents recommend, they are much softer and more comfortable than the typical "tongue depressor" types.


Soothies - Many babies are offered a Soothie pacifier while in the hospital, and many children like it.  The Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for newborns and babies without teeth who are successfully bottle or breastfeeding. Its one-piece construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Available in natural or vanilla scent. 


WubbaNub - Because of difficulty with sucking, some infants do better with a soft cloth diaper attached to the pacifier to help keep it in, or Soothies can come as WubbaNub™  Plush Toy Pacifiers.  The WubbaNub™ Dog and WubbaNub™ Duck infant pacifiers are specially designed to keep the pacifier conveniently placed without the use of a pacifier clip or cord. The vibrantly colored soft, plush toy helps sooth and comfort the baby.

Gerber  - Many of our members recommend the Gerber Soft Center Pacifiers for babies with PRS. These should be available at most stores, although we have found some not available in certain regions.  The bulb is fat on the end and a bit longer, come in a purple/pink color and a green/yellow color.

The Gerber New Tradition Pacifiers can be found at Babies R Us and I've seen them in almost every baby department in almost every store.

A variety of items are available from Children's Medical. They offer positioning aids, such as sling sheets and wedges, plus pacifiers and car seats.

Ear Bandits are available from http://www.rightstart.com to protect your child's ears while swimming if they have ear tubes in place

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