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Early Childhood Resources

We have listed resources to help you locate agencies that can help you.   So far, we have the early childhood intervention offices. We have tried to ensure these are correct.  If you have any resources for your state, please

Some of our parents have discovered there may be a charge for this service.  We suggest you ask the agency about this when you make the initial call.

Early Childhood Offices and related information

Alabama 800-543-3098
Alaska 800-478-2221
American Samoa 800-633-4929
Arizona 800-232-1676
California 800-515-2229
Colorado 800-288-3444
Connecticut 800-505-7000
Delaware 302-577-4643
District of Columbia 202-727-8300
Florida 800-654-4440
Georgia 800-229-2038
Guam 671-475-0549
Hawaii (Oahu only) 808-955-7273
Hawaii 800-235-5477
Idaho 800-962-2588
Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children 800-323-4679
Indiana 800-964-4746
Iowa 800-779-2001
Kansas 800-332-6262
Kentucky 800-442-0087
Louisiana 800-922-3425
Maine 207-278-3272
Maryland 800-535-0182
Massachusetts 800-462-5015
Michigan 800-327-5966
Minnesota 800-728-5421
Mississippi 800-451-3903
Missouri 800-873-6623
Montana 800-222-7585
Nebraska 800-742-7594
Nevada 800-522-0066
New Hampshire 800-298-4321
New Jersey 800-792-8858
New Mexico 800-552-8195
New York 800-522-4369
North Carolina 800-852-0042
North Dakota 800-472-8529
Ohio 800-374-2806
Oklahoma 800-426-2747
Oregon 800-322-2588
Palau 670-664-3754
Pennsylvania 800-692-7288
Puerto Rico 800-981-8492
Rhode Island 800-464-3399
South Carolina 800-922-1107
South Dakota 800-529-5000
Tennessee 800-852-7157
Texas 800-250-2246
Utah 800-333-8824
Vermont 800-727-3687
Virgin Islands 809-773-8804
Virginia Babies Can't Wait 800-234-1448
Washington 800-322-2588
West Virginia 800-734-2319
Wisconsin 800-642-7837
Wyoming 800-438-5791
Native American Indian Affairs 202-208-6675


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