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PRS Dental Issues

We recommend seeking dental care when your child is very young to avoid any surprises later on.  If you have access to a pediatric dentist, that would be to your advantage.

Dental development is usually affected in children with a cleft and often includes missing teeth in the area of the cleft, extra teeth, crooked, tipped, rotated or displaced teeth (teeth can come in the middle of the palate)  and malformation of the alveolar ridge (gum).  X-rays can be taken to determine the position of the teeth and detect missing teeth. 

Dental problems can have an effect on appearance, speech, feeding and orthodontic treatment may be required.  Orthodontic treatment is usually divided into two phases.  The first phase is before the permanent teeth appear and the second phase is after the permanent teeth have come in.   Orthodontic treatment can include an expansion device to widen the upper jaw.  It can also include surgery to correct alignment between the upper and lower jaw; to replace missing teeth with implants or remove extra teeth; or using a bone graft to repair a defect with the alveolar ridge. 

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