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Caring for your Child

Caring for a child with PRS can be overwhelming.  Hopefully, you will find tips on our site to make it easier.  In addition to the information we have here, we have many forms of support available to you.

One tip I can give is one that every parent needs to remember.  Think of your baby/child just as that, a baby/child.  Don't focus so much on the PRS and medical issues, that you miss some of those important moments.  I am speaking from experience, 18 years of it, so far.

I missed out on so much, because my focus was on the PRS issues, insurance, nursing care, procedures, etc...  I wish someone would have told me that when my son was a baby.  So, that is my advice.  The little baby or child you have with PRS is a little person, who will go through the normal stages of life every child goes through.  Don't let those stages pass by because you are are so focused on the medical issues.

This doesn't mean you can ignore those medical issues, but find a happy medium and love that baby/child just like any other!

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