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G Tubes


Parent Tips Below

Expect the primitive brownish g-tube to be stitched in place for at least 2-3 weeks to allow the stoma to form.  In our case, the g-tube site oozed for over a year, we had to use split 2x2's with a little bit of tape to catch the ooze.  This worked and caught a lot of the gunk.  It seemed like all of a sudden, about a year or so after the g-tube was placed, that we no longer needed the split 2x2.  In our case, about 2 weeks after the g-tube surgery, our boy's primitive tube and the sutures around it began to rotate, the sutures began to cut through his skin, and there was blood in and around the tube.  We promptly took him into the hospital and the surgeon removed the tube and placed the mic-key button right away.  It was very easy.  The mic-key button is incredibly easy to take care of.   It requires changing about once a month and the extension sets last about a week.  We bolus feed and pump feed and we're very happy with the mic-key button.  He also had a fundoplication at the time of the g-tube placement. 


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